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For the vast majority of office workers, what they eat is done out of necessity rather than enjoyment. This stance can easily lead to food envy if you’re surrounded by colleagues eating lunches that are much more appealing than your own. Think gnocchi and beef steak versus your ham sandwich or chicken taco salad to your tuna pasta salad!

To help you become the person that is envied by all of your colleagues, we’ve collated a list of the most popular lunches around the world. There’s over 21 recipes below for you to impress your colleagues with. If you’re still struggling for inspiration, use our recipe finder below, that contains even more yummy recipes!


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See the most popular lunches in offices around the world...



You can't buy happiness but you can buy an empanada. They're similar to Cornish Pasties but typically feature chillies for a kick.

Find out how to make it


Farofa with Rice and Beans

This is arguably one of the most popular dishes in Brazil and eaten daily. It's crunchy and full of intense flavours. It sounds lovely!

Find out how to make it


Chicken and Potato Soup

Practicality for many Ecuadorians is key, which is why they opt for this soup. It's really cheap and fills you up!

Find out how to make it


Milanesa al Pan

Thin slices of tenderised beef or veal wrapped in bread crumbs. What more could you want in a sandwich?

Find out how to make it



Fries with cheese and gravy. Do you know that 'Poutine' is slang in Quebec for "a mess"? That's a great way to describe this dish!

Find out how to make it

Costa Rica


The first time you try a Casado, you'll fall in love. Its basic ingredients are rice, beans, meat and a salad.

Find out how to make it


Rice and Peas

Rice and peas is a classic Jamaican dish. The twist is that when Jamaican's refer to peas, they generally mean kidney beans.

Find out how to make it


Tacos de Cazo

Fried taco fillings are a common lunch choice. Think slow-cooked pork shoulder or tripe.

Find out how to make it


Sorghum and Beans

Sorghum is somewhat like couscous and is a quick and filling lunch when red kidney beans are added.

Find out how to make it



It is the national dish of Egypt and made of rice, macaroni and lentils. Top with spiced tomato sauce for extra flavour.

Find out how to make it


Suya and Jollof Rice

A grilled beef dish made from thin slices of beef dipped in a suya spice mix and peanut oil. Add jollof rice as a side and you have a filling meal.

Find out how to make it



A staple meal for Zimbabweans, Sadza is made with finely ground dry corn and often served simply with a relish, but can be served as a side dish.

Find out how to make it


Bolani Katchalu

A traditional Afghani flatbread that is stuffed and baked with either potato, lentils, spinach or pumpkin and primarily served warm.

Find out how to make it


Ramen Noodle Soup

A favourite amongst the Japanese, it's an elegantly simple dish filled with vegetables, noodles and offers a spicy flavour.

Find out how to make it


Chicken Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a classic recipe that offers authentic flavours and is simple and quick to make. Perfect for making in bulk for lunch!

Find out how to make it


Banh Mi

Banh Mi is the Vietnamese word for baguette. Fill with chicken, carrot and cucumber and a sweet chilli sauce for an authentic taste.

Find out how to make it


Chicken Schnitzel and Coleslaw

Chicken slices that have been thinned with a meat tenderiser and fried in oil or fat.

Find out how to make it


Pickled Herring Smorrebrod

Tangy and dense sourdough bread, topped with pickled herring.

Find out how to make it


Salami & Bocconcini Pasta Salad

The love Italians have for pasta is well-known and not bypassed at lunch time, with salami & bocconcini (mozzarella balls) pasta salad being extremely popular.

Find out how to make it

United Kingdom

Cheese Toastie

Perhaps one of the most lack-lustre lunches in this list is our very own - the cheese toastie. It's a simple warm meal for those in a rush.

Find out how to make it


Chicken and Avocado Wrap

This is an equally healthy and tasty meal that can be easily enjoyed on the go.

Find out how to make it

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