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The Most Annoying Office Phrases & Idioms (Using Twitter Polls!)

Most Annoying Office Phrases

Before the end of 2016 appears, we'll be looking to uncover the UK's top "office idioms" - also known as annoying office phrases you're using at work that your colleagues can't stand!

We've pulled together the top 64 office phrases and idioms from across the UK and will be running a Twitter Poll knockout tournament to find the all-time favourite - to do this we need your help! To "get the ball rolling" and cast your vote, read on below...

Inspired by Richard Osman's World Cup of Crisps, from the 10th October 2016 we will be running a daily Knockout Tournament via Twitter polls until we have an outright winner.

Each poll will consist of four office phrases, with the winner from each group advancing to the next round.

So just one question remains - will it be “blue sky thinking” that takes the top spot, or perhaps “it’s not rocket science” to assume “low hanging fruit” will be the winner “at the end of the day”!

Join in the fun and cast your vote for the UK's top office idiom you love to hate.

Based on our research, here's the starting line-up for the tournament:

First Round of 16

Second Round of 16

Third Round of 16

Fourth Round of 16

Blue sky thinking Singing from the same hymn sheet Cracking the whip Innovate
Content is king Empower Not enough bandwidth Move the needle
Win-win Game changer Benchmark Punch a puppy
It is what it is Going forward Reach out Thought shower
Think outside the box No brainer Back to the drawing board To wash its own face
A lot on my plate Move the goalposts It's all good Action that
Thanks in advance Do more with less Lessons learned Joined up thinking
Ducks in a row Thrown under the bus Sooner rather than later Brain storm
Keep me in the loop Working fingers to the bone Hit the ground running Flogging a dead horse
Get the ball rolling All hands on deck Best practice Out of pocket
Bite the bullet Keep your eye on the ball Cool beans Take ownership
It’s on my radar Drill down Absolutely, oh absolutely Make it happen
Low hanging fruit Can I borrow you for a sec? Idea shower Its not rocket science
At the end of the day Team work, dream work Bring to the table Going forward
Let's touch base Heads up Run up the flagpole Ever green
Reach out Close of play Amazeballs Power through
Annoying Office Phrases Knockout Competition

Round 1 - starting 14th November 2016

The first round consists of 16 groups of 4 phrases, Each poll is run for 24hrs on Twitter, with the top 2 qualifying for the next round!

ROUND 1 - GROUP 1 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 2 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 3 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 4 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 5 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 6 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 7 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 8 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 9 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 10 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 11 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 12 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 13 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 14 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 15 of 16

ROUND 1 - GROUP 16 of 16

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