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Why Your Meeting Rooms All Need Names

In the past, every business used to give their meeting rooms and boardrooms numbers – but this is quickly going out of fashion.

Now, an increasing number of companies are giving their meeting rooms individual names. This isn’t some passing fad – there are a number of business benefits. Here’s why you should follow suit:

 It’s better suited to modern ways of working

Over the past decade, the office environment and the way we work have changed significantly. Increasingly, open plan offices and collaborative spaces are the norm – individual offices are becoming a thing of the past.

However, there’s still a need for productive, separate spaces away from the main office, like meeting rooms, phone rooms and conference suites. These are usually shared spaces, and naming these rooms can provide a quick reference point that denotes the nature of the space.

Studies have shown that unique names can actually be more memorable than numbers – especially for visitors. This makes them idea for larger offices.

 It’s a chance to showcase your company culture

Naming rooms is a great way to promote your company culture to employees and visitors alike. Choosing the right names can help you to inspire employees to embody the values your business stands for – after all, they’ll see the names of the rooms every time they use them.

For instance, you might want to name your rooms after company values, or personality traits you want your team members to embrace – positive words like ‘Honesty’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Commitment’ could be a good start! Alternatively, you could choose inspirational figures from history or business.

Another method is to engage with your team members, and build a sense of community and ownership by involving them in the naming of the rooms. Perhaps you could name rooms after the characters in your team’s favourite TV shows?!

You can match names to your brand

Numbers are faceless, and have no real personality – naming rooms can also be a chance to pick something that better suits your brand.

 witter for instance, names each of its meeting rooms after species of birds, whereas Nike chooses names from the iconic, successful athletes that it sponsors. Etsy shows off its quirkiness by combining food items with popular music acts, like ‘Pjork’, ‘Rolling Scones’ and ‘Wu Tang Clams’!

How to choose a name for your boardroom

There are no hard and fast rules to choosing names, but there are a few guidelines:

  • Choose something that suits the personality of your business – it’s important to select names that fit in with the culture, industry and values of your organisation
  • Go for a theme – it’s a good idea to pick a central theme, so all your names work together
  • Think about the future – you don’t want to be changing the names of your rooms every year, so pick something with some longevity
  • It needs to scale – remember, you may want to add additional rooms as your business grows, so choose a theme that you can continue to develop

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