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Why You Should Care About Office Storage

Office storage is essential to every business, but it’s easy to overlook and often treated as a bit of an afterthought.

Many business owners will spend hours deliberating on which desks and chairs are the perfect fit for their organisations, whilst ignoring the storage needs completely. In reality, office storage is just as important as any other piece of office furniture, and the pieces you choose will have far reaching implications for your business.

Here’s why you should take care, and what you need to think about when choosing office storage:

 Your brand identity

The quality and appearance of all your office furniture reflects on your business, and your brand as a whole – and this includes the storage you go for.

Whilst it’s tempting to choose cheap units, or old, battered second hand storage in out of date styles, for most businesses, these don’t give off the right message, and shouldn’t be used in client-facing spaces.

Second hand furniture might be fine for your filing room, but for work spaces, reception areas and meeting rooms, it’s better to go for high quality, new office storage that reflects well on your business.

Spending the time to think properly about the colour and style of your storage units will pay dividends. Investing in clean, modern office storage in colours that fit in with your branding (check out our HD Colour Office Storage for inspiration)

Will help to create the right impression in the minds of customers, clients and employees alike.

Organisation & productivity

No one will be able to see those lovely desks you’ve ordered if they’re covered in paper!

Whether or not you’re a fan of the paperless office - having enough office storage will help you to keep your business organised and clutter free.

Providing the right balance of bookcases, pedestal storage and cupboards will ensure that your employees can keep your business neat and tidy, staying organised and improving productivity in the process.

 Size matters

One of the biggest oversights people make when choosing office storage is not thinking about the size or shape of units.

Choose units that are too big, and you risk dominating the room, blocking access and reducing the potential capacity of the space. Too small, and you may not have enough storage space to meet the requirements of your business.

The best way of ensuring that this doesn’t happen to you is to make a full written plan before you start buying. Include accurate measurements, and make sure you mark out all the positions and dimensions of windows and doors (taking note of the way doors open) – you don’t want to end up blocking out natural light or restricting access with big cupboards.

Think about your business’ current and future storage requirements, and pick a good balance of solutions to fit your business. If you’re short on space, then under desk storage or desks with built in storage can help you to make more from your available space.

Office Storage Solutions from Kit Out My Office

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