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What Does Your Office Desk Reveal About You?

Our office desk can say a lot about us to our colleagues as it can represent who we are as a person outside of work.

We spend a lot of time sat down at our office desk working away, and in a recent article we highlighted the importance of personalising your workspace.  But it would be good to know want to know what your colleagues are really like wouldn't it? The easiest way is to take a look at their workspace. It can give you some sound indicators about your colleagues working style, what they like, plus their family, hobbies and traits.

At some point you’ve probably looked over at your colleague hard at work and seen their office desk covered in piles of paperwork, empty food wrappers and dirty coffee cups and wondered how they could ever work in such an unorganised mess.

What State is your Office Desk in?

Your workspace is a reflection of your personality and also your working style which is why the state of your office desk can imply what type of person you are. There are 5 commonly referenced personality desk types:

The Hoarder

The office desk of an hoarder can leave the place looking a bit of an eye sore. There will be piles of paperwork, sticky notes, and overstuffed drawers. This worker wants everything in the office on their desk, even when they're not using them.

These types of office workers tend to be assertive and want everything handing in at deadline despite the chaotic appearance of their desk. 

The Minimalist 

 An extremely organised workspace indicates that you are dedicated, disciplined and orderly. You'll find someone with an organised office desk to keep their files in order, sharpen all their pencils and they ensure that any object on their desk has its own place.

These types of people tend to be conscientious, hard working and reliable - they like to make plans and stick to the rules. This office desk may be so barren that no one knows who actually works here, but they get the job done. 

Minimal Office Desk

The Personaliser 

 An open and honest person often likes to personalise their office desk to give it a 'home from home feel', making their desk as comfortable as possible to work from. Their own office space may have personal pictures on show, a personalised cup brought from home, quirky stationary and desk plants to make their workspace more comfortable.

Traditionally, an extremely personalised desk is more likely to belong to women than men. People who personalise their office desk are more likely to have greater job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing. 

The Expander

This individual likes space and lots of it. We're probably all familiar with a colleague who's workspace seems to grow every day, with a new stack of paper work or files spread across multiple desks.

The expander likes to make sure they use every inch of their office desk by marking their territory, and sometimes others too. A person who expands their office desk to others suggest that they are a highly territorial person and are more dominant than others in the office. 

The Getaway 

Don't get us wrong we all like time away from work and there's nothing better than a holiday. However, you may have a colleague that daydreams about their next holiday which is still '256 days away' according to their countdown calendar on their screensaver and constant reminders around their desk.

They may even have a few holiday snaps pinned up to remind/upset them on a slow rainy day. Their office desk shows that they would prefer to be anywhere, but there, and while they're here they get do as much as they need to do, but no more. 

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