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The Perfect Office Playlist; Office Music Habits Survey

We're proud to say that the Kit Out My Office team have recently been featured on BBC Radio 5 Live following our recent research (see below) into music in the workplace and playlist habits!

It's always best when there is a playlist on that everyone is happy with, but even that doesn’t stop the squabbling completely.

Being in an office that fights over the skip buttons is standard, right? We conducted a survey to find out the different music habits in the office to further discover if we could uncover the perfect office playlist.

According to those surveyed, 72% of offices in the UK allow music to be played within the office, and 59% of those have had arguments over the choice of music.


Why do we listen to music?

  • Raising Morale (46%)
  • Productivity (31%)
  • Socialisation (16%)


    While most listen to music for a positive outcome, there are still a lot of us that find ourselves in arguments over the songs that are being played.


    Music that resulted in arguments in the workplace

    1. Rammstein – Du Hast

    A heated office argument broke out between 3 staff members over the choice of heavy metal music in the office. The breaking point being Rammstein’s ‘Du Hast’ song. As a result, the business owner had to ban Ramstein and heavy metal music from the office playlist.

    1. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

    One staff member at a recruitment company thought it would be funny to play the song over and over. It took only six repeats until a colleague broke the speaker. The staff member who persisted with playing the song ended up having to foot the bill for a replacement.

    1. Christmas music being played too early

    A member of the staff working in the office of a supermarket in Manchester thought it would be funny to play Christmas music in July. The end result? After continued behaviour of this type, they were dismissed.


    Listen to The Perfect Office Playlist

    Following our survey, we know to avoid heavy music and anything Christmassy in a bid to keep everyone happy.

    We can confidently say, that we have found the perfect office playlist. Combining our personal favourites, classical tunes and the favourites of our survey participants, we collated over 5 hours of music to keep everyone in the office entertained.

    Open the playlist in Spotify to save, share and download the playlist. Don't forget to tell us what you think on social media (@KitOutMyOffice)!


    As Discussed on BBC Radio 5 Live

    We were invited onto BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss this topic with Adrian Chiles. Catch up with our session here: BBC Radio 5 Live with Adrian Chiles.

    Skip to 1 hour 57 minutes to head straight to our discussion. This session will be available until 13/12/2017.

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