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How to Create the Perfect Study Area

Being a student can be tough right? A mixture of balancing lessons, revision, exams, part time work and still managing to have a social life can make student life a lot trickier. However, having a dedicated study area shouldn't be difficult whether you're a student leaving at  home or in accommodation there should be a little area where you can settle down to do your studying in peace.You might be thinking "Yeah I've got somewhere to revise, but I don't like doing it". Don't get us wrong no one wants to revise for upcoming exams, but setting up a personal study area can encourage you to get your work done. We've got a few tips and tricks to help you create the perfect study space on a budget.

How to Keep Your Student Desk Organised? 

 Now you've picked the study desk you would like in your office it's time to consider how you will keep you desk tidy. Having a neat and tidy desk is essential to help you build constructive study habits, organisation skills and a clear mind for concentration. If you have a messy study desk then turning into an organised work space might shock you with just how much more efficiently you'll be able to work.

However, if you're worrying about how you can turn your messy study desk into an organised work space then we've got 5 simple tips to help you out: 

  1. Eliminate clutter from your study desk by throwing away old and unnecessary items
  2.  Update your workspace by removing out of date work and calendars 
  3. Stock up on stationary supplies that you use a lot and keep replenishing stock
  4. Rearrange the items of your desk by keeping your most essential items close at hand
  5. File away paperwork in folders - You can even label and colour code your files if you want to be really organised

Study Desk

How to Create a Motivational Study Area? 

When you're creating your study area you need to ask yourself, "Do I want to revise in here?" if the answer is no then you're in trouble. The whole idea of your study area is for it to be a calm and relaxing room where you can revise and study. You want the room to have minimal distractions and motivate you to study. 

Creating a motivational workspace on a budget couldn't be easier start off with a bright area, add your study desk and then customise your working area to meet your needs. You can add some accessories such as simple motivational quotes, a few revision posters, create a personalised pinboard and maybe even add a few indoor plants and you've created a calm healthy office environment. 

Here are a few of our favourite accessories to help you create a motivational student office: 

 Student Study Ideas

  1.  Pineapple Print - Etsy
  2. Wall Mounted Calendar - Staples
  3. Rose Gold Desk Tidy - John Lewis
  4. Novelty Money Tree Plant - Prezzybox
  5. Set of 2 Desk Plants - Etsy
  6. Happy Day Print - Not On The High Street
  7. Good Vibes Print - Not On The High Street
  8. Think Outside the Box Print - Not On The High Street

For more student office ideas visit our Pinterest

Where To Buy Your Study Desk

It's obvious that you need a desk to sit at to do your studying, but if you're struggling to find the perfect study desk for your new workspace then do not fear because we've got your back. Here at Kit Out My Office, we've put together a large collection of study desks just for you students to make your desk shopping experience as stress free as possible. Our huge collection of student study desks have plenty of space for work and storage, alongside a huge choice of 19 colours and multiple styles available, we have the perfect mix of practicality and looks all at competitive prices. After all we know how much students need to watch their pennys. 

Student Study Desks

  1.  UCLIC Create Study Desk from only £95
  2. UCLIC Aspire Double Drawer Study Desk from only £174
  3. UCLIC Engage Base Unit Study Desk from only £205

Study Desks from Kit Out My Office

Buy your Student Study Desks from Kit Out My Office and you'll be spoilt for choice with more than 900+ storage options,sizes, styles and colours to choose from, we're confident you'll find the perfect desk for your student office. 

All our furniture is made in the UK from high quality materials, to exacting standards. Choose Kit Out My Office, and you'll benefit from free next day delivery, honest advice and a 10 year guarantee on all our products. 

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