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Survey: Meeting Room Confusions Lead To Awkward Office Encounters!

We spend so much of our lives in the office that most of us will have come across something over the years that we wish we maybe hadn’t; employees talking about a rather personal issue, inter-office relations, maybe even someone being fired.

 We polled 2,659 British office workers to see what they’ve encountered within the workplace and how these came about. 

1 in 3 People Have Walked In On Something Embarrassing!

 Firstly, we asked all of those taking our survey whether or not they’ve ever accidentally walked into an awkward situation, to which 1 in 3 admitted that yes they have.

When asked to further expand on this, the most awkward yet common situations to walk in on were exposed as a disciplinary or dismissal meeting (25%), an emotional heart-to-heart (21%) and an intimate encounter between colleagues (8%). Over Half Of Awkward Encounters Are Due To Walking Into The Wrong Room!

Over Half Of Awkward Encounters Are Due To Walking Into The Wrong Room!

 We further quizzed those who had walked in on something that they weren’t supposed to walk in on, asking them how they had come to be where they were. 58% stated that they’d accidentally walked into the wrong room, and a further 41% had the got the time of their meeting wrong, so they’d turned up to the right room at the wrong time.

 The results of our survey also showed that over three quarters of those who had gone to the wrong room - 76% - had gone to the wrong room because their meeting rooms weren’t named, therefore it was easy to get the wrong room by accident.


So...We’ve Created a ‘Boardroom Name Generator’ To Help!

 We saw a great opportunity here to have a little fun and help companies remove the chances of this happening – and so came the birth of the Boardroom Name Generator.

 The aim of the Boardroom Name Generator, as it says on the tin, is to spin out some themed names that you might want to consider for your boardrooms or meeting rooms.

You can choose from some more sensible themes (cities, drinks and presidents) or use our “I’m feeling lucky!” option and get results from some more quirky and unusual themes (Bake Off innuendos, Game of Thrones characters and even Spice Girl song names).

 If you want to have a play yourself, you can find the generator here:

>> Meeting Room Name Generator

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