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How to Organise a Memorable Office Christmas Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly, have mulled wine, fill your face with mince pies and celebrate (of course) at the famous office Christmas Party!

If you’ve been given the stressful job of organising the office party and you are currently worrying about how you pull it off - the pressures to make sure it is full of Christmas cheer and conga lines can be intense. 

Luckily for you we’ve put together a few tips to make sure this year’s office party is a show stopper (for the right reasons of course).

Here's our guide on how to organise a memorable office Christmas party in 2016:

Plan, Plan and Plan Again!

It may feel like it’s far too early to think about booking the venue, but all the best venues get booked up – fast.  The last thing you want to be left with is the back room at the local pub or even worse,...partying in a 'trimmed up' office canteen.

You want to avoid Christmas party hell, which is why you need to get the planning down to a T, and do it early. You don’t want your colleagues sulking in the office with a plastic cup of flat bucks fizz whilst they dance around the desks singing The Pogues.

Once you’ve booked the venue make sure you get a date in everyone’s diary early. You don’t want to be nervously avoiding eye contact with your boss because only you and him could make it as no one else could get a babysitter.

Send out the Invites

Invite everyone in the office (yes, even scrooge who has the desk at the back of the office!) because chances are even he is secretly looking forward to the party.  Make the invites eye-catching to make it feel like a special event to get people in the festive mood.  

Not got a budget for invites?  Pimp up an email and send it round with all the details, and don't forget to send a reminder the week before for those who might have forgotten.

Every Party Has a Theme

Decide on a Christmas Party theme because no party is complete without a theme. However, don’t make it so extravagant that no one can think of a costume so they just don't turn up. Maybe you could try a novelty hat theme to keep it simple? Or plan an activity that everyone could get involved in?  If you can relate it to your industry then you're more likely to get the boss on board too!

Competition Time

It could be the typical ‘Best Christmas Jumper’ competition on the day of the party, or take it a step further by introducing the Office Oscars to see who’s achieved what throughout the year - 'best tea-maker', 'longest lunch' and 'teachers pet' are often great ice-breakers to get everyone talking.

Remember the Entertainment

You don’t want to have got the best venue and buffet if there isn’t any music. The party will want a few Christmas classics to get people into the spirit, but you can’t play Mariah Carey all night. If the venue doesn't provide music, think about hiring a DJ that will play music to suit everyone’s taste, or maybe take it a step further and hire a karaoke machine to really crank the party up a notch! However, this could be a dangerous mistake if the lady from customer services wants to sing all night because she once auditioned for X factor and didn’t get through. 


...and don't forget that you have to face everyone at the party again the next working day, so it's important to remember where the line is!

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