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How to Cope With Annoying Colleagues

In a workplace it can sometimes feel you are trapped in close confinement with people you don’t necessarily want to spend time with.  However, you have to get on with them for work purposes even though it can be proven difficult at times.

Learning how to tolerate fellow colleagues could possibly be one of the hardest parts of any job, but it has to be done.  We’ve put together 3 of the most annoying, rude and ignorant types of colleagues and given you coping tips:

Annoying Colleague 1 – Mr. /Mrs. Clever Clogs

That one employee that thinks they know it all, maybe they are well educated, have been here longer than anyone or they’re older therefore they are ‘more wise’, and believe they run the office (unless they actually do run the office of course!).

Mr or Mrs Clever Clogs will stop at nothing to tell you exactly how wrong you are and how they are always right. If you went to watch football over the weekend, they will tell you how they go every weekend and always see the players after the game. That great job you did on that big presentation last month? Well, they can do (and have done) it so much better.

How to Deal with Mr. /Mrs. Clever Clogs: Prepare yourself for a real challenge. If you have to work together for a project, gather some solid statistics (no one can question statistics), have your part ready and make sure you have documents to support your ideas. You need a flawless argument that they can’t shoot you down on. Remember that you are right and if all else fails just smile and nod.

Annoying Colleague 2 – The Space Invader

This colleague has one mission – To invade your personal space at all costs. They use the old ‘So we’re singing from the same hymn sheet’ routine to come over and attack your personal space.  One minute they are the other side of the office, the next they are practically perched on your lap draping themselves over your desk chatting about some work related joy. You’ve got no escape! 

How to Deal with Space Invader: The best way to defend yourself from the predator is to make your desk unwelcoming. Put whatever you can on around your area such as piles of paper, empty wrappers and maybe even a banana peel on the floor (if you want to go that far that is).

However, the better option would be have a privacy screen mounted onto your desk to help protect your deskspace. If the space invading is so extreme ask your boss if you can have a Back2Back desk with a screen this way your colleague can still speak to you, but without them spending hours at your desk.

Back2Back office desks with privacy screen

Annoying Colleague 3 – Mr. /Mrs. Do you Know Who I Am?

 The worst possible kind of colleagues! They truly believe everyone owes them a favour just because they maybe come from a wealthy background, or have a mere connection with a celebrity. Not only that, but they also have to justify that they someone special by delighting everyone with their egotistic stories.

In your professional career, there is no doubt you will come across someone who is sitting in their executive manager’s chair because they know (or are related to) someone at the top. This person feels like they are entitled to a certain level of authority in the office and can flex their arrogance whenever it suits.

How to Deal with Mr. /Mrs. Do you Know Who I Am?: This one is tricky, the key is to find a common interest. Whether or not you actually share this passion doesn’t matter too much, just blag it. You don’t really care how many Range Rovers their parents’ owned or how their designer handbag is limited edition. Use the insight as a way of connecting because it may mean you loosen them up to become more tolerable.

How to Combat Annoying Colleagues With Kit Out My Office

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