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Everything you need to know about Height Adjustable Desks

As you may be aware, standing up to do your work is becoming more popular in the workplace which is why many businesses are upgrading to sit-stand desks in the office.

Bringing standing desks into the office will stop workers from spending too many hours sat down. These desks have become a statement for a modern office set up, with electric height adjustable desks appearing in office refits across the UK – from creative marketing companies, through to the NHS and even Google.

We all know that sitting in a chair for a long period of time is bad for us, but did you know it can even shave a few years off your life? Shocking isn't it – quick, stand up!

Standing desks are popular for those who spend 8 hours or more at their desk and would like to make their workplace as ergonomically appealing as possible. Many businesses have started giving their employees the option of sitting or standing workstations. Even a lot of local councils have started introducing them to their offices.  In fact, in Denmark every worker has the option to request a standing desk, it's the law!

Are Height Adjustable Desks Worth it?

Don’t get us wrong a good quality office chair offers great comfort and support, but it can only be comfortable for so long before you back starts to ache which is why it’s a good idea to move around regularly throughout the day. After all, sitting down has been blamed for increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Health guidelines suggest that we should spend 150 minutes a week doing moderate exercise, but many of us sit down for more than half the working day which is why standing desks are all the range in the office.

The end goal of height adjustable desk is to reduce the amount of time spent sat down by providing a flexible working space. They definitely achieve this by having the option to sit or stand as you move through the day, making us more active in the office.

The Surprising Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk

Introducing a height adjustable desk into your office can bring some surprising health benefits to you and your employees.  People who work with a standing desk usually find significant benefits when they change from sitting all day to a more flexible working method. These are some of the benefits height adjustable desks can have:

  • It helps keep you in shape - you burn more calories standing up
  • Lowers the risk of weight gain – Did you know? Sitting down for long periods at a time can reduce the efficiency of fat burning enzymes
  • Fewer aches and pains through being more active
  • Be more alert - able to focus and concentrate better
  • Feel more engaged in work and with colleagues

There are also other less obvious benefits of using a standing desk in the office such as improved blood circulation from not sitting down for long periods of time, reduced eye strain by moving your monitor to rest at eye and this also helps improves posture as it stops you from hunching over and slouching to use your keyboard.

Where to buy height adjustable desks from?

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game and update your range of office desks then we have one of the best ergonomic sit-stand desk systems on the market.

Let’s examine the desk in a bit more detail:

React is our featured packed electric height adjustable desk. The desk requires mains electricity to control the buttons operating the near silent 39db motor. Using a reactive button to adjust the height it can be raised or lowered from 650mm up to 1300mm the ideal height for standing and comes with anti-collision technology built in to protect the disabled or those with restricted movement. The height of the standing desk can adjust quickly with a speed of 40mm/s and is strong enough for workshop or office use, being able to hold up to 120kg.

The standing desk is customisable to meet the design and colour scheme of your working environment. The React desk is available in 5 traditional woodgrain finishes and 2 common desk widths; 1200mm or 1600mm. There are even two leg colour finishes to choose from either white or silver finish so they can easily fit in with existing office styles. All of which are available with free next day delivery.

Height Adjustable Button

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