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Creating an Office in your Bedroom – Ideas and Tips

Working from home in your bedroom office is a dream for many.

Whether you’re remote working, setting up your own business, or just want a dedicated workspace to handle your home admin, having a productive, comfortable and attractive place to work is essential.

Get inspired to create your perfect workspace with our office ideas and bedroom office tips.

Is the bedroom a good place for a home office?

It can be! If you’re short on space, house sharing, or have a busy, active and noisy household, setting up an office space in your bedroom can be an excellent option.

Generally, bedrooms are located away from living areas, which can mean they are quieter. However, bedroom offices aren’t for everyone. Some people may want to separate their work from their home life, and may find a bedroom office too intrusive.

How can I create a nice bedroom office?

It comes down to choosing quality home office furniture that fits into the space and complements your room scheme in terms of colour and design. Where you place furniture also makes a big difference. If you’re setting up in your own bedroom, you don’t want to positioning it in a way that enables you to work effectively, without stopping you from using the space as a bedroom.

What are the essentials for a bedroom office?

As a bare minimum, you will need an office desk and an ergonomic office chair. You’ll probably need some storage space too. Depending on the nature of your work, you’re also going to need some extra space for your computing equipment, a business phone and a printer. A good internet connection (check your Wifi range) is essential!

What products can be used for a bedroom office space?

Although you can use a wide range of different desks, including corner desks and panel end desks, many of these will be too big for most home offices. It’s best to go for something that’s been designed for home office use. The UCLIC range from Kit Out My Office has been developed entirely with home office use in mind, and includes cantilever, bench and A-frame desks in hundreds of different styles and colours, with something to suit every room scheme and requirement.

How can I create a home office in a small bedroom?

All in one desk and storage solutions provide a space efficient way to kit out your home office. At Kit Out My Office, our Home Office UCLIC range includes a range of desks with integrated drawers, cupboards and shelving, with compact, space-saving designs to suit the smallest of spaces. 

Top Bedroom Office Tips

Ready to start building your home office? Here are our 5 top tips


Ensure you’ve got enough space in your office to fit in everything you need to work productively. In addition to desk space, you’ll need to think about storage for all your important paperwork.

The right desk

The desk is the centre of any bedroom office, and it’s important you invest in the right one. Choose one with enough space to fit all your computing equipment on, whilst still having enough left over to work (and move around your bedroom!).

Ergonomic chair

A comfortable, adjustable chair is essential if you’re going to be working in your bedroom office for extended periods of time. An ergonomic chair will provide the support you need to minimise the risk of injury and discomfort.


If possible, position your office in a place that benefits from natural light. This will make your home office a nicer place to work in and reduce the risk of eye strain. When positioning your desk, ensure that the sun isn’t glaring on your screen.

A nice environment

You want your bedroom office to be a pleasant place to work – and the right accessories and decorative touches can make a real difference to the feel of the space. When it comes to the design, head onto Pinterest and get inspired with some office ideas - artworks, inspirational quotes and pictures on the walls can all help to add the finishing touches to your bedroom office.

Bedroom Office Furniture from Kit Out My Office

At Kit Out My Office, you’ll find thousands of different home office desks, ergonomic office chairs and smart, space-saving storage solutions in an unrivalled range of sizes, styles and colours, all at ultra-competitive prices.

All our furniture is made in the UK from high quality materials, to exacting standards. Choose Kit Out My Office, and you’ll benefit from free, next day delivery, honest advice, and a 10-year guarantee on all our products.

For further information on any of our products or services, call a friendly member of our experienced sales team on 0800 8044 760, or email


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