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Creating a Minimalist Workspace

Creating a minimalist office interior can be described as using simple design, but getting it just right can often be anything but simple.  Stripping back the office colours, shapes and textures can eliminate distractions.  The modern office trend is all about ‘less is more’ creating a sleek, stylish and contemporary design giving an office that minimal look.

Having a clear desk comes more naturally to some people than others. However, we’ve put together a few tips to help you create a minimalistic office:

Desks with storage

Buying a desk for your office that has hidden drawers or storage options isn’t cheating, it’s smart. You can hide away all non-essential paperwork, workbooks and supplies whilst keeping them within arms-reach at the same time. To make sure you stick to the minimalist theme a clean and bright white desk will help you.  Adding a white desk can bring a fresh, light and airy feel to your workplace, and because it’s so clean you feel more inclined to keep it clutter-free.

Reduce your Office Items

Keep the items on your desk to a bare minimum. When it comes to accessorising the office learn that less definitely is more. Remove all the clutter and downsize your supplies. You will never use the 1000 paperclips box, 5 pack of highlighters or a Sharpie pen in every colour, no matter how much you tell yourself you need them all! Only purchase what you need and if it’s not essential, remove it and see if you can live without it.

Get gadgets that perform miracles

 Think multifunctional and get a machine that can accomplish many things. Investing in a device that can print, scan and photocopy will save you a lot of room in the office. If you need a computer in your office instead of a laptop then make sure you have a wireless keyboard and mouse because eliminating the wires gives the office a more minimalist look.  Look at monitor arms to lift up the monitor off the desk, and think about cable management to hide away excessive cabling around your workspace.

Give yourself 5 minutes

Set aside the last 5 minutes of every day to clear the surface of your desk. Start a Clean Desk Policy so that before you leave the office you do a quick tidy up. At the end of each day take a bit of time to straighten up your workspace: file paper back in the correct place; putting stationary away and even giving your desk and keyboard a quick dust once a week. Taking a couple of minutes to reorganise your desk ensures that it will be more pleasant to return to the next morning.

Tidy desk

Benefits of a clutter free office

Having a minimalistic office has numerous benefits:

More freedom – Having a clear desk offers you freedom to pursue a project you’re working on. There is no breaking off from your work because you can’t find something or because you’ve been distracted with an interesting piece of stationary.

Less distraction – A cluttered desk is filled with potential distractions. Rubbers, sticky notes, business cards, folders and uncompleted work all demand our attention. However, removing them allows us to focus on more important matters.

Increased Reputation – A clean desk is an indication of a clean and focused mind. It can make you look efficient, accomplished and organised whilst in the office, especially if the boss decides to walk by with visitors.

Creating a Minimalist Workspace with Kit Out My Office

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