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Choosing a Study Desk for a Teenager

Teenage years can be dominated by exams and as you’re probably aware exam season is fast approaching. The importance of a dedicated study area is often over-looked, but every student needs a space where they can settle down to do their work without interruptions.  So, we've put together a guide on choosing a study desk for a teenager, with style ideas for teengage boys and girls.

The majority of teenagers have difficulty keeping their rooms tidy which can cause frustration, especially when revision notes go missing the night before an exam! Which highlights the importance of a study desk as a essential piece of furniture for teenagers, it is a well-known fact that studying is vital for a student’s success. We conducted a survey last year which discovered that children who have a study desk at home are more likely to get A*- C grade GCSEs. (Read more about our why having a desk at home improves grades survey).

Choosing a Desk for a Teenager's Bedroom

We all know how fussy teenagers can be which is why it is crucial to invest in a study desk that will meet their needs and also be something they like. There are few things you need to consider when buying the desk. One of the things that you need to think about is finding a desk that will suit the space available. Before you go out and buy a desk – think about where it’s going to go and measure out the space. For smaller bedrooms an 800mm wide slim line bench desk or A-frame desk is likely to provide the best space-saving solution. Another thing you need to consider is the style of the desk. Image-conscious teenager are more likely to be interested in how the desk looks, rather than how they will be using it for their studies. It’s probably best if you ask your teenager to have their say in the style of desk to avoid picking a desk they don’t like.  

Here are popular styles of legs when choosing a desk for a teenager

A-Frame desks – These desks are sleek and contemporary, the A-frame creates a perfect slime line study desk. An ideal desk for those student with smaller rooms.  Plus white goes with any colour schemes they might go through.

Bench desks – These modern goal post style legs offer a beautifully modern design that would fit in any area of the home, especially the bedroom.  With a white finish, again they can withstand any change in wall colour (or posters!).

Cantilever desks – A classic C shaped desk for a minimal look with a practical function. Makes an excellent choice for your study desk, plus they are generally the most affordable option making them popular for the home.

Colour and style

A teenager’s bedroom should be packed with personality so don’t forget about the finish of the desk. Not only is style important to your teenager, but the colour also matters. Most of our study desk are available in 15 colour options everything from natural tones and traditional wood grains, to bright, bold and contemporary colours so you can be certain to find something that they will like.

Choosing a Comfortable Chair

You’re wanting to encourage your teenager to study for their fast approaching exams so it’s probably a good idea to invest in a comfortable chair that won’t give them back ache from sitting down for too long. Task operator chairs are perfect for rooms with limited space, especially bedrooms. Don’t forgot your teenager will want a chair with swivel functions and adjustment levers. The freedom to move the seat from side to side, and up and down, so they don’t strain their back during them long hours of studying.

Desk Ideas for a Teenage Boy

Desks for teenagers

For a teenage boy their bedroom is like a fort protecting them from parents, younger siblings and the outside world. Although studying may not be one of their favourite things to do they still need to do it, no matter how much they protest against it. If your son is unorganised and misplaces things all the time then it may be useful to buy a study desk with storage this will help to prevent important pieces of paper going missing at crucial times. 

(Desk in above picture -  UCLIC Create Desk)


Style ideas to go alongside a Boys Desk

Boy's  Study Room Ideas

  1.  Wallpaper - Homebase
  2. Mia Task Operator Chair - Kit Out My Office 
  3. UCLIC Create Cantilever Desk - Kit Out My Office
  4. Desk Light - John Lewis 
  5. Bluetooth Speaker - Argos
  6. Union Jack Rug - The Range
  7. Notebook - WHSmiths 
  8. Red and Blue Ring Binders - WHSmiths


Desk Ideas for a Teenage Girl

Study desks

For a teenage girl her bedroom may have lots of clothes on the floor, but it's what describes her best and you'll need to find a study desk that is stylish, fashionable and will meet her educational needs. Of course, she will want to have her say in the style and colour of the desk which is why we have study desks with plenty of space for work and storage, alongside the choice of 19 colours and multiple styles.

(Desk in above picture UCLIC Aspire Desk)

Style Inspiration for a Girls Desk

Girl's study ideas

  1. Wallpaper - Graham and Brown 
  2. Aria Task Operator Chair - Kit Out My Office
  3. UCLIC Engage Bench Desk - Kit Out My Office
  4. Star Lights - Not On The High Street
  5. World Map Picture - Etsy 
  6. Diary - Paperchase
  7. Camera - Currys
  8. Photo Frame - Next

Buy Desks for Teenagers from Kit Out My Office

At Kit Out My Office you'll find study desks suitable for boys and girls bedrooms with more than 900+ storage options, sizes, styles and colour to choose from, we're confident you'll find the perfect desk for your teenagers bedroom. 

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