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What Are The Best Office Plants?

If you’re stuck in an office for 8 hours a day 5 days a week then you may feel like you lose contact with the outside world. Having plants in your office can bring the outdoors into the office and transform your workspace into a more peaceful, tranquil and engaging place.  So we have done some research to find out what are the best office plants?

What are the benefits of office plants?

1. Improve indoor air quality

      By simply introducing a ratio of 1 plant per 3 employees, then air quality can be improved within the office.

      Office plants can reduce the amount of dust within the office by up to 20%. An office is filled with man made toxins created by plastics, paint, furniture, carpet and certain cleaning products having plants in the office will significantly reduce amount of toxins. 

      2. Reduce stress

        Did you know that introducing plants into your office actually reduces stress?

        A study conducted in 2010 showed that having just one plant per work space lifts employees’ spirits, promotes wellbeing and performance. Office plants create a more interesting, colourful and relaxing environment. 

        3. Increase productivity

          Psychologists have found that introducing greenary to minimal workspaces increases employee productivity by up to 15%.

          Numerous studies have shown that fewer mistakes are made and tasks are completed faster when plants are present.

          4. Make the environment more comfortable

            As we're within an office environment for most of the day we want to make sure we are comfortable.

            Office plants don't only improve office surroundings for employees, but they also provide a more welcoming place for clients. 


            What Plants are Best for an Office Environment? 

            Keeping plants in an office environment requires some thought due to certain environmental conditions such as air conditions and long periods where the office is empty.

            Avoid getting stuck with a sad plant cemetery on your office desk by choosing plants which will thrive in these conditions. Here are our top office plant picks that will make great additions to your desk

            1. Spider Plants 

            Image from

            Spider Plant

            The spider plant is a great low maintenance office plant sporting vibrant green and white stripes and looks good in a hanging pot. 

            2. Aloe 

            Image from 

            Aloe Plant

            You'll only want to own one of these plants if your office gets a lot of sunlight. However, if you constantly forget to water your plants this is a great choice - It can go weeks without water. 

            3. Peace Lily 

            Image from 

            Peace Lily

            A Peace Lily is a popular office plant because they don't need a lot of light and don't need watering everyday.  They are known for cleaning the air, helping to remove toxins and create a nicer environment to work in. 

            4. Neon Pothos

            Image from

            Neon Pothos

            This vivid green plant can wake up a boring office desk space and look particularly great in a hanging basket. The plant requires medium low light and needs watering once a week. 

            5. Cacti 

            Image from

            You can always rely on a cactus to survive in your office just make sure it kept out of reach and doesn't become a healthy and safety hazard. 

            Did you know?  A cacti is one of the few plants that thrives on neglect, commonly found in dry, harsh deserts makes them the perfect office plant for even the most forgetful office workers as they can go long periods of time without water. However, cacti plants do prefer higher light, so if you're lucky enough to have a window next to your desk they will thrive. 

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