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5 things your office desk says about you

Whether you’re running your own business or working for someone else, your choice of office desk (and how you like to keep it!) says a lot about you. Like it or not, your desk is part of your personal brand – and there’s a chance you could be giving off the wrong messages.

 Take control of your office desk, and make sure it’s sending the right signals and a good impression to employers, employees and your clients with help from this guide.

1. Style and quality

 Perceptions are important. If you’ve got an old, shabby and unloved office desk, then it can influence what people think about the quality of the work you do.

 Investing in a high quality, stylish desk will help to show potential customers that you mean business, whilst reassuring them that you’re capable of providing a professional service they can trust.

2. Colour and personality

 Colours say a lot about a person, and the colour of your desk is no exception. When picking a desk, try to choose one that gives off the impression you’re trying to create.

 A clean, white desk looks organised, professional and efficient, whilst neutral tones give of a more laid back, relaxed feel. You don’t have to be limited to neutral shades. Bold, bright and more vibrant colours won’t just bring interest to the office environment – studies have shown that they also communicate subtle clues about your personality and the nature of your business.

 Blues give off the impression of productivity, greens are calm and welcoming, yellow is optimistic and inspirational, and reds are bold and outgoing. Check out the HD Colour Desk series from Kit Out My Office for inspiration!

3. Personal touches

 Personal touches around the office desk can make a real difference. In addition to helping to make your workspace more welcoming, it can also help you to showcase your personality to colleagues and clients. 

 Assuming your business allows it, a few family photos, pet pictures or desk toys will show your employer/employees and customers that there’s more to you than work, and that can help to build trust and stronger business relationships.

 Be careful not to go over the top though – too many personal affects and pictures can make you seem unprofessional.

4. Wish you weren’t here?

 Whilst a few holiday snaps, pictures of your hobbies and some inspirational images of tropical destinations can help to motivate you and breathe life and colour into your office space, too many can give off the wrong impression.

 Even if you are always dreaming of your next getaway, or doing anything else but work, your colleagues and customers don’t need to know it! Too many outside influences on your desk space can lead people to think that you’re not interested in or committed to the job at hand.

5. Cleanliness is next to godliness

 It might sound simple, but a messy, cluttered or dirty office desk doesn’t reflect well on you, or your business.

 If you’re naturally a messy person, taking the time and effort to keep your desk clean, tidy and free from unnecessary clutter will pay dividends. It might also help you to stay more organised with your work!

 If you’re struggling to find space for all your stationery, papers and personal affects, then making sure you’ve got enough office storage will make a real difference. Whether you choose a set of under desk drawers, a standalone pedestal or a cupboard, you’ll find it much easier to keep your desk tidy.

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