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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Office Furniture

There’s a huge amount written about choosing office furniture – and not all of it is good - so we've put together 5 pieces of the worst advice we've ever heard about office furniture.

 In fact, there’s a massive amount of misinformation circulating out there, which could leave you purchasing furniture that doesn’t suit your office, budget or requirements.

 Here are some of the most common pieces of office furniture buying advice that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.


"Bigger is always better"

Some would tell you that it’s always better to invest in larger office desks – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

 Times have changed, working practices have adapted and computing equipment has got much smaller. The result is that most people simply don’t need a large workspace anymore.

 Those big, chunky wave desks were designed to cater for the old style CRT monitors. With the vast majority of people now using laptops or desktops with slim flat screens, there’s no need to provide so much space.

 Smaller bench desks mean you can get more employees in the same amount of space, without impacting on productivity. 


"Make use of every inch of available space"

Leaving office space empty doesn’t mean that you’re wasting it!

 Keeping some spaces open can work really well in terms of the overall design of your office. It can help to make your office feel more spacious and welcoming to visitors, whilst helping to boost creativity and productivity amongst staff members. 

It can also leave you with dedicated open areas your employees can use for collaborative working. 


"Keep colours neutral"

 Most people tend to go for office furniture in safe, neutral tones, but in reality, there’s no need. Remember, you’re not creating a show home – you’re creating an office that reflects the personality of your business and your brand. 

Studies have shown that beige and grey offices can actually hamper productivity Injecting some brighter shades into your office can help to breathe life into the space, whilst encouraging creativity and enhancing employee wellbeing. 

You don’t have to go overboard, but bright, bold and colourful office desks set against more muted backgrounds are a fantastic way of enhancing the look and feel of your office. 

The HD Colour Desk series from Kit Out My Office come available in a wide range of vibrant shades – perfect for bringing some personality into a sterile office environment. 


"You have to run a 'clean desk policy' to be successful"

There are two schools of thought on this, and whilst there are advantages to running a clean office (read our handy Clean Desk Policy Guide) this may not always be feasible or even desirable for your business.

 It all depends on the working environment you’re trying to create. For laid back, friendly and creative businesses, allowing employees to display personal pictures and office stationery on their desks can help to create a more harmonious, relaxed environment.

 Whilst having enough office storage is essential, taking steps to minimise your paper use can help to cut down the amount of office furniture you need. 


"You need to buy the same office furniture for every staff member"

 Whilst it’s sensible to choose pieces of office furniture that match, or at least complement each other in terms of style, it’s rarely a good idea to buy the same kind of desk for every employee.

 Different employees require different working environments, and it’s important to think about this when purchasing your furniture. As a rule of thumb, clerical, admin and paper heavy writing roles will need more desk space.

 For field staff, hot deskers and those who work mainly on the phone or in the cloud, you will be able to get away with smaller desks, like bench desks.


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