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Sit. Stand. Get Moving! Why you need to invest in a standing desk

Sitting is incredibly bad for your health. Sure, you may go to the gym after (or before) work, but if you're an office worker, your life expectancy is taking a hit!

No, we're not condoning office work, but awareness needs to be built on the perils of sitting for long periods of time without movement.

The facts about sitting and why standing is better for you:

1) When standing, you burn 50 calories more than if you were sitting

2) 2.4kg estimated weight loss if standing for 30 minutes per day for a year

3) After sitting down for 90 minutes, you matabolism slows down dramatically

4) People who sit for 8 hours or more than a 50% increase chance of contracting heart disease, than those than sit for less than 4 hours

Suffer from back pain?

If you have any form of back pain since you've had an office job, it could well be related to sitting for too long, sitting in the wrong position or perhaps even the chairs not good for you. Take a look at our infographic on back pain and see what you can do to ease and possibly cease any problems: 

INVEST in a T1 Standing Desk

Our T1 standing desk is our best selling standing desk and an all-round superstar when it comes to standing desks! Not only can you sit at this desk, if you feel the need, but it's also completely height adjustable, so it doesn't matter if you are 5ft tall or 6ft+, the T1 standing desk is an excellent, affordable desk to get you back on your feet and reclaim your health!

View more information about the T1 and buy online here, or view all our office furniture online.

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