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New office desk range - The Next Day X5 Impact

Built on the stylish and modern looking bench leg system, the Next Day X5 Impact desk range is part of a broader range of office furniture known as the Next Day Noble Reflections Range.

X5 Impact Office Desks

The X5 Impact office desk range is available on either a white or silver bench leg, 5 table top colours; wood grain finishes and white, as well as up to 10 fascia colours for the forward facing parts of the mounted storage pedestal units, as shown in the above room shot and that of the below examples.

Gloss White X5 Impact Desk & Pedestal  Gloss Stone X5 Impact Desk & Pedestal  Gloss Light Olive X5 Impact Desk & Pedestal

Gloss Dark Olive X5 Impact Desk & Pedestal  Gloss Burgundy X5 Impact Desk & Pedestal  Gloss Black X5 Impact Desk & Pedestal

Numerous desk configurations are available other than the above desk with mounted pedestal, such as; basic office desk, office desk with double mounted pedestal and a left and right hand wave desk option.

This new desk range is available to purchase online right now. Start shopping now - view the full X5 Impact Range, here.

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