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Late last year we created an article outlining the stresses and strains people have with their flat pack furniture and how we designed a new home office furniture range that's so easy to put together, it's childs play! 

One thing we didn't bet on when we went live with our new UCLIC furniture range last year was that it was also going to be a hit with businesses too - in particular with the basic desk and the under-desk storage option. Which, inadvertently meant that we are selling 10+ of these desks in a single order.

As you can imagine, either though these desks can be assembled in less than 10 minutes, if you're needing these for a business or you simply just do not have the time to commit to assembling more than a couple, you may want to consider third party help.

While we don't currently offer an assembly service (we're working on this), there are many third parties out there that you can use to help assemble your furniture. Below are just a few examples of third party services that are available.

Here are a few reputable flat pack assembly service providers, but please ensure you always complete your own due diligence before using:  



To find more in your local area, Google, "flat pack assembly service + city/town". Click here to see an example search.

Hard to find a furniture flat pack assembly service in your area? You may also want to try Gumtree, by placing a free add on this website, you will probably attract a number of 'handymen' who are willing to put your furniture together.

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