The Office Chair Seating Guide - What's Best for You?

At Kit Out My Office we stock a whole host of office chairs, which are designed to deliver comfort, durability, practicality and best of all, affordability. Ranging from the standard swivel to the large executive leather chair, there’s something for every environment.


Worth a read: 'Is your chair killing you?' by one of the world’s top wellness experts and award winning author, Kent Burden.









Small compact chairs are perfect for offices with limited space. Choose from breathable mesh backs to soft sponge seats to suit your needs. Looking for something more extravagant? Then try the executive leather chairs; they’re perfect for corporate meeting rooms and individual offices.

Before buying a chair there are some factors you should consider. There’s the aesthetics: will it match the décor? Will it fit in your office space? Will you need a fully adjustable chair? You should also consider how long you’ll be using your new office chair on an average day, because you may want to opt for a chair with a sculpted back with built in breathability.


It’s all about the ergonomics

So what is ergonomics and how will that help you buy a chair? Ergonomics is about how we, humans, interact with objects, and in this context – chairs. Ergonomically designed chairs provide optimal comfort and efficiency.

Gaining the perfect seat height is one of the most important factors when choosing an ergonomically designed chair. Ergonomic chairs also need adjustable seat depth and modifiable backrest support. A chair’s recline is as equally as important, as are armrests.

The fun feature of an efficient chair is the swivel function. The freedom to move from side to side without having to strain your back will benefit you in the long term. Back pain is one of the biggest causes for work absence in the UK. Ergonomically engineered chairs will significantly reduce this problem.


A comfortable worker is a happy worker

Do you have the perfect seat height? Adjust your seat so that your feet are flat on the floor and your elbows are at keyboard height. You may need a footrest if your feet don’t sit comfortably flat to the floor.

Lumbar support is very important; your chair should have a built in back rest, with adjustability, to naturally fit the S-shape of your spine. Here’s the maths: the angle between your thighs and back should be around 100°, allowing you to breathe and relax much more easily.

A chair’s tilting and swivel ability allows for ease of movement, which is obviously key when sitting for many hours per day. As humans we’re not designed to sit in the same place for multiple hours, so the best way we can help ourselves is by buying an ergonomic chair. Buy yours from Kit Out My Office!

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