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Why Having A Desk At Home Helps Kids School Results

Here at Kit Out My Office we’ve toyed a lot with the notion that having a desk in a child’s bedroom through their important school years would be of a great benefit to their productivity and focus, which in turn could then lead to better results in exams. 

This led us to conduct a survey to find out more. We asked 2,318 British parents (aged 18 and over) to fill in our questions –all of whom met our minimum requirement of having 1 or more children who have taken their GCSEs within the last 2 years. 

Over three quarters of GCSE students achieved 5 or more A* to C grades

A great start - it seems our participant’s kids are well above the national average when it comes to the pass rate of their exams. The five or more A* - C pass rate for GCSE students in the UK was 69% in 2015, compared to an impressive pass rate of 78% from the parents we surveyed. 

19% of people said that they’re child achieved 5 below C grades in their GCSE results, and surprisingly 3% of people didn’t know what grades their child got. 

Kids with desks at home get better grades

We then asked the participants if they had a desk in their child’s bedroom, or not. This allowed us to split the results and give us some really great information. 

More than half of children, 51%, who had a desk achieved the pass rate of 5 A* - C grades in their GCSE results, whereas a whopping 82% of children who didn’t hit the pass mark didn’t have a desk or dedicated study area in their bedroom. 

The major highlight from this question shows that you are more much more likely to miss the grade if you don’t have a desk in your bedroom to study at.

The true impacts of having a desk

We then asked the parents their opinion on desks and study space, and if they felt it had an impact on their children’s studies. 

When asked, one third of the people we asked (66%) said ‘yes’ they did feel having a dedicated study space would have an impact on their child’s studies. This suggests, that while not all parents can provide a desk for study, they would consider it to be a positive influence on their child’s education.  Obviously outside factors such as room space and costs are a consideration for all parents, but this does propose the thought that more parents would prefer to have a desk if they could.

All those who answered ‘yes’ were then asked to elaborate further, with the top results as follows;

  • They would be distracted elsewhere – 74%
  • It’s a more comfortable way for them to study – 63%
  • Sitting at a desk improves their concentration – 64%

This further emphasises the need for children to get in the zone when it comes to homework and revision, particularly before exam season starts.

Having a desk encourages kids to study for longer

Next we asked parents to estimate how long their children dedicated to their studies each week, and we were then able to split these results by those with desks, and those without, and then average out the number across the 2 categories. 

The results showed that those with a desk spent on average 10 hours and 12 minutes studying per week, compared to those without a desk who spent just 4 hours and 41 minutes per week studying. 

The conclusion: dedicated desk space + more time spent studying = better results!

Our data has drawn some interesting stats when it comes to exam results and dedicated study space. More than half of children achieved 5 or more A* - C GCSE results when they had a desk in their bedroom to put in the hard study hours.

In stark contrast, a massive 82% of children without a desk fell below the C grade usually expected to move on to A Levels and University Degrees - which goes a long way to show that a desk is an overwhelmingly positive attribute to achieving good grades at school.

It also shows that those with desks spend over double the amount of time studying at it every week.  Therefore, regardless of grades, we can determine that good quality study time is must more achievable with a dedicated space to do so.  Alongside the comments around ‘concentration’ and ‘distractions’ from the parents, it also suggests that they agree with the ability to provide a dedicated study zone can be of huge benefit for their child’s attention span in today’s busy life.

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