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How Can Your Office Layout Impact Your Employees?

The layout of your office may not seem like the most important factor, but it’s something you should consider very early on when you decide to switch your office up and start moving furniture around. The overall office environment, seating plans and the style of desks utilised can have a huge impact on your workforce, which leads to the question...

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Choosing a Study Desk for a Teenager

Teenage years can be dominated by exams and as you’re probably aware exam season is fast approaching. The importance of a dedicated study area is often over-looked, but every student needs a space where they can settle down to do their work without interruptions.  So, we've put together a guide on choosing a study desk for a teenager, with style...

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Our Advice For Buying Office Furniture Online

Over the last few years it is becoming more popular for businesses to buy their office furniture online instead of going to a local furniture store. The question is why are more and more people buying their furniture online? And, why is it that some individuals and businesses still prefer to buy in a local store? Why Buy Office Furniture Online? ...

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Flat Pack Furniture Tips

Let’s be honest, assembling flat pack furniture can be hard work. In some cases you might even consider hiring a handy man to put together your new furniture. Before you get that far, we’ve put together a few simple tips to help keep you calm when assembling flat pack furniture  -  make sure you know all the do’s and don’ts:...

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Cost Of An Office Around The World

A Global Perspective On Office Costs The cost of office space around world can differ significantly. The latest figures from property firm JLL for quarter one of 2016 found that New York had the most expensive office space. They were joined in the top five by Hong Kong, London, Beijing and Shanghai respectively. Unsurprisingly, these are known as the most globally...

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