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Top 10 Office Accessories

So you've bought your fancy new desk and chair, and your office is finally starting to look the part. But there's something missing. The office looks a bit bland and sterile. Now is the time to make the office your own. But where to start? Here are our top 10 office accessories to make your office your own!

Tea or coffee mug

It’s important to stay hydrated while you work. Keeping hydrated ensures that your body and brain are in the best condition to produce the highest standard of work while sitting at your desk. It can be a great idea to pick up a mug that will keep a cold drink cool or a hot drink warm.

Why not try…

Klean Kanteen Tumbler
Frank Green SmartCup


Many people don’t have a clock or watch these days. After all, your smartphone keeps the time for you, right? But how often do you find that a quick look at your phone ends in 5 minutes of checking notifications, or your favourite websites? Keep yourself focused on your work by investing in a clock to stay on time with a quick glance.

Why not try...

Black Wall Clock

A simple but silent black wall clock
Amara Brick 24hr Clock

A desk toy

It can be a good idea to keep your hands busy while you work. It satisfies the urge to fidget without resorting to instinctive phone checking. It can also help to maintain focus, as your hands are able to keep moving without the need for you to look at what they’re doing.

Why not try...

Fidget Cube
Stress Ball

A cable tidy

Have you ever kicked out a power cable by mistake and lost a load of work? Or are you ashamed of the mess of cables sitting under your desk? The best way to keep your cables safe and your office tidy is to attach some form of cable management system to your desk.

Why not try...

Cable Tidy

A universal cable tidy

Cable holders

If you have a number of cables to power or connect your devices, it can be a great idea to pick up some cable clips. These give your cables enough freedom for you to properly use your devices while stopping them from slipping off your desk when unplugged.

Why not try...

Cable Holders
Concrete Cable Holder

A fan

It’s important to stay cool while working. There’s nothing worse than feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in your seat. Even on cooler days, it can be important to keep the air moving around your office, and a slight breeze can keep you feeling refreshed for much longer than a stuffy office environment.

Why not try...

Swan Desk Fan
Dyson Cool Fan

Some decent speakers

If you’re fortunate enough to work in your own office, or an office in which music is allowed, it is a great idea to pick up some good quality speakers. Not only does this make music a more social experience, but it also ensures that you are listening to your music at the best quality

Why not try...

Sonos Play: 1
Audio Pro AddOn C5

    A plant

    A desk plant can not only provide some much needed visual appeal on your desk but is also great for the working environment. Plants are great for purifying the air, and can also provide a light aroma to keep your office smelling fresh and clean.

    Why not try…

    Peace Lily
    Clean Air Aloe

      Some artwork

      Let’s face it. Most offices or desks are boring, functional places to be. They are not typically the kind of places to inspire free and creative thinking. Adding a piece of artwork to your office can really enhance the aesthetic as well as providing much-needed inspiration to motivate you through your workday.

      Why not try…

      My Neighbour Totoro
      They Think it's All Over Print

        A notepad

        If you’re the type of person who daydreams or has a wandering mind, it can be a really good idea to keep a notebook handy on your desk. If something important comes to mind, just make a quick note of at before getting back to work. This ensures that you don’t forget anything important and allows you to get back to work while parking your idea for a more convenient time.

        Why not try...

        Leather Notebook
        Vinyl Notebook


        Once you've finished your office revamp, we'd love to see the results! Just tag us in your photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook so we can check out your photos. And if you've got any other top office accessory tips, we'd love to hear from you.

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