How to keep alert in the office

Do you suffer from an after-lunch lull? Feel tired, demotivated and distracted? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – about 80% of people start to feel a dip in energy during the early afternoon.

 This ‘post lunch dip’ is completely normal, and part of the body’s natural physiological cycle – but it isn’t very helpful when you’ve got to work!

 Fight off the drowsiness and improve afternoon productivity by following these 7 top tips, designed to help you boost energy levels and concentration at work.

  1. Walk it off

Light exercise after lunch way to improve energy levels. Evidence has shown that a 20-minute walk is enough to provide you with the boost you need to get through the afternoon. As a bonus, a 20-minute walk each day is also linked to improved sleep quality.

  1. The right fuel

The food you eat has a real impact on your energy levels. Sugary snacks and caffeinated drinks might pep you up in the short term – but you’re likely to experience a spike in energy, followed by a crash where you feel even more tired than before.

Slow release energy foods packed with fibre, protein, vitamins and complex carbs will serve you much better. Berries, vegetables, nuts, wholegrain cereals, yoghurt and jerky are all good choices. If you do feel the need for something sweeter, a few squares of dark chocolate is a good compromise (it’s packed with vitamins)!

  1. The right office chair

A posture office chair will make a big difference to your concentration and productivity – whilst significantly improving your comfort and wellbeing.

Sitting on a chair that provides you with the right support, padding and adjustability will allow you to stay more comfortable and motivated when your energy levels do start to fall.


  1. Motivating music

Music triggers an emotional response that can really perk you up when you start to feel tired.

Choose something high tempo and upbeat to energise you. If you find it hard to work to music, choosing something unfamiliar and preferably instrumental (without lyrics) can prevent you from becoming distracted and singing along.

  1. Let there be light

Your body’s internal clock is regulated by your exposure to natural light. If you’re feeling tired, then opening the curtains or stepping outside into the sunshine for a few minutes will help you to feel more awake and energised.

If you don’t have a source of natural light, then maximising artificial light can also help. If your office is a bit dark and dingy, then invest in a desk lamp, which you can switch on when you feel a lull coming on.

  1. Stay hydrated

Did you know the average human body is made up of around 60% water, and that the brain is 75% water!?

Staying hydrated is essential, and studies have shown that drinking plenty of water throughout the day will provide a significant boost to your energy levels, focus and concentration.

  1. Take a power nap

A 10-30 minute power nap in the middle of the day can do wonders for your health, productivity and energy levels. In fact, many of the world’s leading companies, including Google and Uber actively promote napping as part of the workday.

Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get the sign off from your boss for a snooze in the afternoon, a quick kip at your desk or in the car at lunch can make you feel much better.

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