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Buying Ready Assembled Office Furniture

Are you looking to purchase ready assembled office furniture online?

We have a range of sturdy office furniture that is pre-assembled delivered to your location, with free delivery.

However, like most other office furniture retailers online, our assembled range of furniture is quite small, and only really applies to our office storage solutions such as; cupboards and pedestals.

Ready assembled storage next day

We have a range of office storage solutions that are ideal for both home and business use.

Available in numerous wood grains and vibrant primary colours, find our more about this range of assembled office storage using these links:

Ready assembled pedestals 

Ready assembled Storage Cupboards

Buying fully assembled desks online

Unlike our cabinets and pedestal storage systems, desks, in general, do not come already assembled.

The main reason for this being the cost of delivery to your location - which therefore increases the cost of the product.

All couriers charge for space and weight added to a vehicle, so, while assembling a desk does not add to the weight, it does however add to the overall size of the product on the delivery vehicle, thus, the cost of delivery goes up significantly.

Don't like assembling furniture?

Solution 1.

Don't worry, we've got a few solutions for you! If you are buying for the home office, then you'll probably be more interested in our UCLIC home office desk range.

While this range requires self assembly, it is however, one of the EASIEST to assemble desk ranges in the world! 

Solution 2. 

When you weigh up the cost of fully assembled delivery, versus having flat pack furniture delivered and then getting someone else to assemble it - option 2 is by far the best option!

Take a look at our article on a list of businesses that have been made around helping people and businesses put together flat pack furniture.

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