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How to Add Colour to your Office

Did you know that the common bland colours found in offices - like greys, beige and white - actually reduce productivity? In a recent (September 2014) study at the University of Texas, researchers found that these dull colours in the workplace have a negative impact on the mood of employees, inducing feelings of sadness and depression, whilst impacting on output!

They also found that introducing some brighter, more vibrant and colourful shades to the workspace boosted productivity, creativity and wellbeing. With that in mind, here are our top tips on successfully introducing some colour to your workspace.

 Which colours to use in the office?

 There has been a lot of research into what different colours mean, and how they impact on office productivity. Here’s a quick overview of the general consensus:

  •  Blue: stable and calming, blue is a productive colour. As it’s fairly inoffensive, it makes a good base colour for office walls
  •  Green: great for those who work long hours, green is a calming colour that helps to minimise fatigue
  •  Yellow: optimistic, uplifting and inspirational, yellow is great for those in creative roles
  •  Red: energetic and aggressive, red is a good motivator, but can be a little intense for the office environment. It’s great for drawing attention to things around the office, and for use as an accent colour in warehouses.

 As you can see, there’s no one-size fits all colour that suits everyone – and if you’re serious about harnessing the power of colour in your business, it’s best to choose different colours for different departments to match your employees’ roles.

 Real world considerations

 Obviously, it’s important to get the balance right when it comes to choosing colours, and there’s more than just your employees’ productivity to consider. When choosing colours, it’s important to think about how it fits in with your branding, and your business as a whole.

 Colours say a lot about your business. Whilst cutting edge creative businesses can get away with brighter shades, they may not be the right fit for those in more traditional sectors, or businesses going for a high end, professional look.

 It’s also important to think about how colours work together. Trying to please everyone by integrating multiple colours into the same space won’t work – it’s more likely to leave you with a distracting interior design disaster!

 Using colours as accents

 You don’t have to go all out when injecting some colour into your business premises to reap the business benefits. Vibrant accents set against more muted background colours also work really well.

 This could be something as simple as a few pieces of colourful art or office accessories, or you might want to try painting a vibrant feature wall or adding some colourful wallpaper to a feature wall.

 One of the easiest ways of injecting a splash of colour into any office space is through the use of colourful office furniture, set against a neutral background. Our HD Colour Office Desks are an affordable and effective way of doing this.

 Available in a range of attractive, vibrant colours and styles, they’re a contemporary, stylish and colourful alternative to traditional wood tones or white gloss, and perfect for adding accent colours to bland spaces.

 Injecting colour into your office with

 Made in the UK to the highest standards, HD Colour Office Desks are available exclusively from With fast and free next day delivery, a 10-year guarantee and unbeatable prices, they’re the perfect way to inject some much-needed colour into your office.

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