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4 Myths About Home Office Furniture

Are you looking to invest in some new home office furniture, but don’t know where to start? With so much choice out there, and so many different options available, the buying process can be much more difficult than it should be.

 Getting the right office furniture will make a huge difference to your comfort, focus and productivity when working at home – well it's time to separate the facts from the fiction with this myth-busting buying guide.

 1.The paperless office

 When choosing a desk for your home office, it’s important to be realistic about your storage needs, and to choose an appropriate desk that’s large enough to work on effectively.

 You can kid yourself all you want that you’re going to run a paperless office, but it’s much, much more difficult than you might think. Even in today’s increasingly digital world – going completely paper-free is a pipe dream!  When it comes to sales and purchasing, accounts and customer service, all elements of business involve interaction with others, and generally that means some form of paperwork.  A lot can be done to minimise your effect on the World, but it is still a good idea to remember that paper in some form will be involved in your office and business.

 If you’ve got a home office, you may be limited in terms of space, and choosing a desk with built-in storage may be the best, space-saving option to help ensure that you strike the perfect clutter-free balance.


 2. Second hand is always better value

 Whilst second hand office can be cheaper in the short term, buying high quality new home office furniture can provide better long-term value. Any cost savings you make buying second hand can be quickly cancelled out when you factor in the time, effort and money needed to find, transport, refurbish and fit it into the space. 

 Buying second hand furniture is hit or miss. Whilst there are some gems out there for people willing to take the time to find and thoroughly research them, you’re more likely to get something to suit your long-term needs and space by purchasing new.

 The fact is that new office furniture doesn’t have to be expensive – there are options out there to meet every budget, and by purchasing new, you’ll be able to specify the exact size, shape and style to fit your home office - plus you'll often get guarantees with new furniture which enables you to have piece of mind if anything does go wrong, which is certainly something you don't get from second hand items.

3. It doesn’t matter what it looks like

 Home office furniture is functional – so it shouldn’t matter what it looks like, should it?

 Actually it does – it’s important to remember that any office furniture you buy will be going in your home. A big, utilitarian business desk might work fine in a corporate setting, but it’s unlikely to do much for your back bedroom or study room. Unless you’ve got a dedicated outside office, then it’s really important to choose furniture that complements the rest of your interior décor.

 Think about colours, shapes and styles, but don’t go for style over substance – it’s important that your desk is still functional and practical for the work you’re going to be doing.  It's also worth thinking about how all the furniture goes together.  Does the cupboard match the desk?  Does the colour of the wall match the wood grain you're looking at?  Make sure you can answer these questions before you commit to kitting out your office.

4. It’s all about the chair

 When purchasing furniture, being comfortable is really important, but many people focus entirely on getting the right chair, whilst neglecting the desk. The fact is that whilst an ergonomic chair is essential if you’re going to be comfortable, the right desk is just as important.

 Making sure you choose a desk that’s large enough, at the right height, and has enough space underneath to stretch out your legs and house all your computing equipment will help to minimise the risk of strains, pain and discomfort when working at home.  Plus, it's easy to spend hundreds of pounds on a good quality chair, but then be left with less to spend on desks and storage.  This is not a great tactic when the furniture will be taking up much more room in the office, and will have a greater visual appeal when you have customers or visitors - so ensure you choose the furniture at the same time as the chair to keep the budgets relative.

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