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Best office furniture for small spaces - offices or home

Whether it be a small room in your house or a tight squeeze in an office environment, space costs money and money is precious. So, if you have the conundrum of a small space to work with, what are your best options when it comes to office furniture?

Floor space

First and foremost, when we talk about a small office space, we are typically talking about floor space, so the main factor here is of course the width and depth of your workstation of table. Thus, you'll probably want to go for the industries 'small' size desk, which we stock in many options and is 800mm wide by 600mm in depth.

UCLIC Small Office Desks

Room height

The height of the average room in the UK is between 2100mm to 2400mm, which, when it comes to space, is not regularly the main concern of a small room - so make the height of the room your advantage for your small room.

Office pedestal storage

Make use of dead space

In a previous article, which had taken a look at how to maximise storage space in the office, but in short, now you have your desk of 800mm wide by 600mm in depth - make the most of storage room above and below the desk. We call the space beneath the desk 'dead space', because other than your legs to fit underneath, there's no other use of this area, so, purchasing a mobile pedestal, this will fit nicely underneath any of our 800mm wide desks and still leave you comfortable room to manoeuvre your legs. You can view all our office pedestals here.

Store upwards

Still need additional space? Stack upwards. Our easy to assembly UCLIC desk range has a mix of 900+ combinations to choose from - with many overhead storage solutions, taking the overall height of the desk to 1550mm - not too high that you can't reach for anything, but ample space to provide you with all the storage area you'll need in way of cubby holes and doored units. Take a look at our UCLIC desks here.

Make use of overhead storage


For more inspiration, take a look at our full next day office furniture for more than 1,000+ product ideas.

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