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2015 Office Furniture Trends

We've come along way since the inception of the office environment in the early 20th century, but keeping staff happy and satisfied in their office life hasn't really picked up much traction until more recent times. With this in mind, we can see, even from what people are searching for on our website, that office furniture trends are continuing to focus on making the best possible working environment for their employees. Take a look below at what we can see as top furniture trends for the office environment for 2015 and well beyond.

1. Psychology

In the past (and for those companies still living and working in the past) throwing some cheap, low quality office furniture products in to a white wash painted office was "ok" when it came from the boss's perspective. But as shown in more recent psychological studies, the way people are seated, who they sit with and furnishings can have either a positive or negative impact.


2. The Environment

Governments and local agencies, in particular to the Western world have created buying standards to be used for their internal purchasing requirements to ensure that certain standards have been adhered to. For example, the UK Government adhere to GBS (Government Buying Standards) which stats certain requirements like; durability (longevity), robustness and what the impact on the environment is.

Here at Kit Out My Office, we have a pledge in place that states we will only use wood that comes from FSC certified forests. Find out more about our pledge towards our environment, here and find out why it's important for all of us.

3. Sitting kills - time to stand up?

It is well documented in recent studies that sitting can quite literally kill you. So, what's the solution? There's an upward trend in those that are buying free-standing desks that mean that your employers can work at their office desk, at a height that allows for office work to be continued, but in the standing position. However, it's also been found that while there appears to be a growing trend in those utilising standing desks, it is coming at the price of being a distraction of being able to concentrate on tasks at hand.

We believe the days of the 'cheap' office chair are over, as these, more often that not, have the most quality issues. Our office chairs come at all different price tags, but more importantly, look out for additional info that we add to each chair product page that allows you to understand the max sitting time you should use the chair for. While some of these chairs state 24 hours, it is of course important that you maintain your health through taking breaks and desk exercises will also be of benefit.

Have a look at our office chair guide and see what is best for your working conditions.

4. Creating a happy workforce

As per point one, a key ingredient in keeping your workforce happy is to add some colour to the environment. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as furnishings, decals on the walls and introduce some bright, primary colours in the office environment via office desks and storage systems, such as making use of our HD Colour office desk & storage range.

Take a look at our article on how you can introduce some colour in to your office working environment

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