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Top 5 Room Planning Apps

We've all been there - it's Spring time and you start to get the itch for reinventing either your home or business interior, but unfortunately for you, you're not an interior designer or architect and not quite sure where to start. All you know is, you want to start redesigning right now.

You could, of course, go old fashioned and use a measuring tape, but this leaves you to write dimensions down and complete some additional calculations for understanding how much cubic feet you have to work with for fitting any new furniture in. Ah, not that simple after all, is it? Fear not, "there's an app for that!".

We're not saying these apps will answer all your interior design planning prayers, but they're more than good enough in helping you understand just how much space you have to work with before you make a purchase of any furniture - which is of great importance if you don't have much space to work with, in which case, you may also want to read our article on maximising space.

1. MagicPlan by Sensopia

This is our personal favorite which we've used in our own homes! Super easy and incredibly fast for making floor plans of any room.

MagicPlan creates indoor maps. It measures your rooms and draws your floor plan just by taking pictures. Simply add objects, annotations, and attributes to create an indoor map.



2. Room Planner Home Design by Chief Architect

What the developers, Chief Architect say,

Home Design - Create realistic floor plans and 3D models in minutes for your next room or home design project. Quickly place and arrange rooms, furniture, cabinets, doors and windows. Visualize rooms and furnishings - choose from hundreds colors, materials, textures and 3D objects to design and decorate your room or house.



3. Home Design DIY by M.O.C. Interior Designer, LLC

What the developers, M.O.C. Interior Designer, LLC say,

With this easy-to-use app now optimized for the iPad, designing and space planning your rooms is like having a personal product showroom with an on-call interior designer right at your fingertips.



4. Home Design 3D by Anuman

What the developers, Anuman say,

In this version, you can test the functionalities of the application and explore its possibilities. This version can be used without limit. But be careful, projects can not be saved in this version. However, projects created can be saved by obtaining the full version directly from this one.



5. RoomScan by Locometric

What the developers, Locometric say,

RoomScan draws floor plans all by itself - just touch each wall with your phone! To get the best from the app, please have a look at these demo videos:



Now all you need to do it kit out your room...

Now you've mapped out your room, it's now time to kit it out with furniture! We stock office furniture in all shapes and sizes, from small 800mm (80cm) desks to large desks of 1200mm (120cm)+.

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