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Renting out spare room in your home? Top 5 things to kit it out with

If you are reading this, you are already aware that renting out a spare bedroom in your own home can be a great way to earn a secondary income with very little effort on your part.

However, what you may not be aware of is that the British Government allow you to earn up to £4,250 per year tax-free for letting out furnished accommodation in your house, known as the 'Rent a Room Scheme'. You can find out the latest information on the Rent a Room Scheme on the official government website, here.

So, where to begin when it comes to kitting out your spare bedroom with furniture?

1. Bed

The integral and most obvious item in every bedroom. Don't go for cheap and cheerful just because it's not you sleeping on it. If you are expecting a long term tenant, give them the comfort of a good quality bed, otherwise you may be greeted by a restless, groggy tenant every morning.

2. Table

A table can be another key piece of furniture within a tenants bedroom and will probably be used for a multitude of reasons from getting ready in the mornings, study area and perhaps a place to store paperwork.

Our UCLIC home office desks are ideal for this type of situation because not only are they super simply to assemble, but each UCLIC desk comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee and ample storage that will cater to any feasible reason that your tenant will be needing to make use of a desk area.

You can view our full range of UCLIC desks here.

3. Seating

Along with a desk area, you'll also be wanting to supply a good, solid build chair. Not only do you want to be thinking about the comfort of your tenant who may be sitting here for long hours studying, but many of the very cheap chairs in todays market are actually worthless and fall apart within months. Each one of our seats are vigorously tested and come with an affordable price tag that gives you the assurance that it's not going to collapse on any one after just a couple of months gone by.

You can view all our office seats here.

4. Storage space

Storage is incredibly important for your spare bedroom and one of those essential items to make your tenant feel at home. Not only this, but it also helps promote a tidy bedroom. Whereas, what do you expect from a tenant that isn't given anywhere to hand their clothes and other personal belongings?

5. Conclusions

While the outlay of kitting out a spare bedroom can be fairly expensive to begin with, you need to look at this as an investment in being able to receive the tax-free rent a room scheme allowance and also, when you put your spare room on websites such as and, remember that potential tenants are comparing you against others, so providing great photography of what their new bedroom looks like and expectations of amenities such as broadband, wifi, etc, will all help you increase the price of rent from day one - rather than providing very little, which in return, you cannot expect much back in terms of rent payments.

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