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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Does your office or work team like to give Secret Santa gifts? Many offices like to partake in this tradition so if yours is one of them, perhaps you'd like some ideas on what you can buy for that tricky office colleague.

We've put together both some shop bought and homemade gifts that are that little bit special, that don't cost the earth and will make the recipient feel very happy. Take a look at our suggestions and we hope you are inspired.


Homemade Selection:

How about some gorgeous homemade honeycomb for your secret santa partner? It looks divine and is a beautiful gift for both the office, or friends and family. I think I'm going to give this one a go myself! You can find the full recipe and tutorial over on Oyster and Pearl.


Or how about a little bit of Homemade Spiced Vodka? Add your own bottle decorations to make it really special, and your Secret Santa partner will be thrilled. You can find the full recipe and instructions on how to make this gorgeous treat, over on The Ana Mum Diary blog.



Thoughtful Purchases:

For the Gardener -


If you have a garden loving office colleague there is a great selection of gifts over at Wayfair, as featured by Penny on A Residence. It's always hard to find something inexpensive that fits the bill, but there's something for everyone here, so do take a look.


or A Music Loving Man -


Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, but I came across this fab Pic Tin in a Men's Gift Guide over on the Family Budgeting blog. A tin of 12 costs just £9.99 so if you've drawn the guitar player from the office, why not give this one a go.


Now once you've decided on your little Secret Santa gift, you're going to have to wrap it. Of course, you could use shop bought wrapping paper as usual, by why not stand out from the crowd with some bespoke, handmade wrap and gift tags. There are lots of ideas here, that will see you through the Secret Santa season, and beyond, so have fun creating your own.

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