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Creating a Focal Point in your Home Office

A focal point in any interior design scheme, draws your eye towards it and fully into the room. It also helps to set the tone for the rest of the decor and gives a good indication of what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create. Often, a focal point can be some kind of architectural feature, such as a fireplace or window, but it's very easy to create a focal point from interior accessories.

In an office environment, whether at home or at the company office, creating a focal point will really help you to relax and enjoy your surroundings, giving your space some focus and definition.

If you're still not sure that your office or workspace needs a focal point, why not take a look at our examples and see if any of them could work for you.


Company Values as a Focal Point:


Instead of pictures or wall art, this office has used its company values as a feature on this wall, that serves as a focal point in more ways than one. Inspiring its employees, they are constantly reminded of how to behave and they're striving for. As a visitor into the space, our eye is immediately drawn to the feature, illustrating both the ethos of the brand, and the style of their decor.


Wall Art Focal Point:


Creating a chic office in minutes, is easier than you think, and this industrial feeling home office has its very own focal point too. The noticeboard on the wall, along with the art and imagery, does a very good job of drawing your eye into the room. The desk and other furniture are sleek and simple, but its the the noticeboard that has most impact. Coordinating it with the industrial styling of the rest of the room, immediately tells the story of the look to the visitor.


Focus on the Desk:



Sometimes, the focal point just has to be about the desk. Here, on Home Adore, the simple white walls and floor provide the perfect backdrop for a bright and colourful burst from the desk and storage. The chosen colour tells us a lot about the space, and probably the person who uses it too. It's fun, playful and energetic, and is probably used for creative projects. You can create a very similar look with our UCLIC desks and furniture too.


Company Logo:


In this example, the company has made clever use of their logo in their office space design. Creating a focal point, this time on the ceiling, this brand immediately comes across as fresh and contemporary, setting the tone for their business.

Creating a focal point in your office, whether at home or at work, is much easier than you think, and can have a real impact on the style of your space.

Is this something you have in your workspace? Are you inspired to incorporate a focal point into your office design?

Do let us know how you get on.

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