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Creative Small Office Design

If you don't have much space in which to create your home office, don't worry. With some creativity and imagination, it's easy to bring a work space into the smallest of spaces. Sometimes all you need is the corner of a room, or even an unused, empty cupboard, and you can have a little oasis of calm and inspiration, perfect for home working. Read on to find out more.


Stylish Home Office:


This delightful home working space, as depicted on shows how you can create something beautiful out of very little space. A simple desk works best, allowing the eye to move through it to create an illusion of space. Using the same wall colour as the desk will also help the desk blend into its surroundings. The perspex chair is minimal, bang on trend and perfect for letting light through the area.


Taller Offices:

If you're blessed with high ceilings, there are lots of ways to utilise that height, to give your home office more space. This example, from Beautiful Living Style, shows how a narrow space can feel loftier by using the height on the walls for storage and lighting. Ensuring the space under the desk is free, to allow chairs to sit neatly, means more floor space for the sofa and meeting place.


Cupboard Office:

Sometimes all you need is an empty cupboard, and a little imagination, to create your very own home office. This one, from DIYShowOff, is a great example of how to use the space effectively. Noticeboards and stationery storage on the interior of the doors is very clever, as is the use of the mirror above the desk. Bouncing the light around like this, means you won't always feel like you're staring at the wall, or indeed sitting in a cupboard!


Smaller Space:

Often, the smaller the space, the more creative you need to be. If you can't find a desk small enough for your space, you may need to make one, or employ a joiner to create something for you. Sometimes though, you find the perfect desk for your home, as above, where the owner has situated a lovely desk next to the bed, instead of a bedside table. Perfect for a Scandi loving teen, this may not have all the storage required, but it's perfect for homework, and internet research.

Do you have a small office area? Have you created a bespoke workspace that's perfect for your home?

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