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How to Add Colour to your Workplace

Is your office space bland and dull? Would you like to invigorate your staff and brighten their working environment?

Many office workplaces veer towards traditional office furniture in neutral colours that often does nothing for encouraging the staff or creating the right impressions to customers and clients.

Research shows that people react differently to a variety of colours, and we all know from our own homes, that colour can invoke certain moods and feelings in all of us. Choosing the right colour for your office will affect productivity, hopefully in the best way, but also help to convey the nature and tone of your business.



Which Colour is Right for You?

This depends on the type of business or work being carried out, and what feeling or environment you need to create for your employees.

  • Red is energising. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.
  • Green is a calming colour, reminding us of nature and the outdoors, and is soothing without being distracting.
  • Pink is more feminine and helps lower anxiety, but can be seen as silly and immature.
  • Blue can be associated with rest and relaxation so not a great choice if you value creativity, and it invokes trust and peace.
  • White can be stark but is also the colour of perfection and purity.


Points to Consider:

Choose gender neutral colours to appeal to your whole workforce, and think about the image you need to portray if clients are visiting your offices. Will the colours work well if you are video conferencing regularly, and does the scheme work with your branding and company logo? If you're a young cutting edge company you may want a contemporary, minimal scheme that follows the line of your work, but if you're a more established, traditional company, richer, darker colours may suit your brand better.

Keep your colour scheme sophisticated and professional, no matter what type of business you run. Consider the impact on your employees and visitors, and do careful research and planning before making any decisions.


How to Inject Colour:

There are many ways to inject the colour into the space, once you've decided on the overall look you want to achieve. You many want the colour on the walls, through wallpaper and paint, or through artwork and wall decor. If you want to set the tone with company values in the shape of wall art, the colours here will help shape the overall colour scheme. Keep the backdrop neutral to showcase the pictures.



Office furniture is the next step to consider, and instead of neutral woods or simple white gloss, add pops of colour into the scheme with colour in your desks. The new HD Colour Office Desk Range is a great example of how more corporate environments can add colour to their workplace through accessories and having access to a range of colours means businesses can choose the right one for their brand, co-ordinating with brand colours and imagery.

Similiarly, if your home office is neutral and you want to inject some colour into the space, these desks are functional and stylish. Ideal for your teenager's bedroom, and particularly suited to homes that favour a contemporary design.

It's not difficult to inject colour into the workplace and you will see the benefits immediately. Do you planning, talk to your staff and look at which colours convey your company message, before you start, and the end result will be one of which you are very proud.

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