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Top 6 Accessories for your Desk

Keeping your desk ordered, organised and looking great will really help you when you need to work. Whether you work from home on a regular basis or just like to use your desk occasionally, having it look stylish and clutter free will ensure you keep your creative juices flowing!

So, here are our top desk accessories to help you do just that.



|| Letter Tray £12 || Wall Art £29

#1 Desk Light

One of the most important desk accessories you can buy for yourself has to be your desk lamp. Take time to choose the right one for you. Ensure it fits with your decor, but most of all be sure it's practical and useful and gives just the right amount of light you need for whatever tasks you intend to undertake.


#2 Weekly Planner

Do you love to be organised? Or do you dream of being more organised? Check out these great planners from Lollipop Designs, easily customised to suit your requirements. Keep the planner on your desk, update as necessary or pin to your noticeboard. Ideal for kids planning homework, your weekly chores, or as a way to keep track of appointments.


#3 Comfy Cushion

Are you sitting comfortably? Your seating position is incredibly important at your desk, so be sure to evaluate it regularly. Add a cushion to your chair to support your back, and also add a little colour to complement your chosen desk. If you're a fan of a Scandinavian style, check out Hus and Hem online and their range of soft furnishings.


#4 Pen Pots

Desk storage is important to help you stay organised and clutter free. There are a wide array of desk accessories available so hunt out those that you love and that suit your needs and decor. These is an inexpensive set from Paperchase that would look great in any home office.


#5 Letter Tray

Again, add to your desk storage to ensure you desk stays tidy and assist your work. This letter rack, available from H&M Home nods towards the growing trend for metallics, and co-ordinates well with our Uclic range of desks.


#6 Inspirational Art

Need a little inspiration when you're working? Add a little typography wall art to the wall near your desk to constantly remind you what you are striving for. This one is from a small range at Hey Holla and should help keep you motivated.


Do you have any other suggestions for Top Desk Accessories?

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