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How to Create the Perfect Teen Study Area

It’s an age old problem. How do we encourage our teenagers to do their homework? Rewards, consequences, treats and threats. We’ve tried them all I’m sure, as it can be so hard keeping teens on track with their studies. Of course, having a great workspace at home will really help, and that’s why we wanted to come up with our tried and tested tricks for creating the perfect teen study area. If you’re in need of inspiration, we hope that these suggestions will guide you.



So, what makes the perfect teen study area?

#1 Keep it Organised:

When you choose a desk and create the workspace for your teen, ensure you make it storage friendly. Teenagers have a tendency to be messy so help them stay tidy by giving everything a home. Pens, paper, accessories, planners and notebooks all need to be in easy to access, easy to find places. Hiding these things away won’t be helpful, the teen will never find them. So give them shelving for their books and folders, and label them too. Having said that, a few cupboards might help for storing those bits that don’t need to be on display. Oh and don’t forget a noticeboard for all those little reminders, concert tickets and memorabilia.

#2 Practical and Stylish:

Yes they can co-exist! Having created a practical workspace, spend some time ensuring it is stylish. Teens are extremely style conscious, so discuss with them how they would like it to look. Co-ordinate it with their décor, and incorporate their suggestions; they are more likely to use it if they’ve invested time in the design. Add some colour, inject some personality and let them customise the space.

Source: HousetoHome

#3 Light the Way:

Good lighting, whatever the time of day, is essential for a healthy study area at home. So ensure there is good daylight into the room, but be careful of any glare on a computer screen. If you can’t avoid putting the desk opposite the window, think about diffusing any daylight with some window film or a sheer blind. Then, for evenings you will need task lighting. Desk lamps come in all shapes and sizes so talk to your teen about the design they would like. They may need more than one light so watch them at work to evaluate the space.

#4 Music and Technology:

You might think you need to ensure your teenager does their homework in silence, but many teens are relaxed by their music, which helps them to concentrate. With this in mind, give them easy access to their speaker system and a power socket! For their computer, check on their setup and ensure it is posture friendly. Give them an adjustable chair, a foot rest if they need it, and encourage them to use a raised screen. All of this helps to create a positive environment in which your teenager will feel inspired to study. Well, we can hope can’t we?

#5 Small Spaces:

Not everyone is blessed with vast bedrooms, so if your teenager’s room is on the smaller side and you are worried that you don’t have the space for a desk, think again. Most rooms, with a little imagination and creativity can take a workspace. Desks can be created within a cupboard, under cabin beds, or even by attaching a narrow piece of wood to the wall. Often they can double as a dressing table area too, which will appeal to all the teenage girls.

We do hope you feel inspired to create the perfect home study area for your teenagers now. Do let us know how you get on, and if you have any other great tips.

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